Saturday, September 29, 2007

Perhentian Island Vacation 31st Aug - 7th Sept

From Kerteh to Kuala Besut..

On the boat from Kuala Besut to Long Beach....

At Long Beach...

Snorkelling time!!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Mama's Wedding

Date - 4th August 2007
Venue - Pantai Hill Park Community Hall

Ok...this is not my mom. This is a friend's wife sister whom I call mama.

Infact I call her mom Ibu, her dad Ayah, my friend's wife adik and her babysister baby.

And they all call my friend dad and the baby sister call him Uncle Dad.

My friend's wife is call mummy by her family members including her babysister.

And my friend's maid call him DAD. it?? I know it's pretty confusing ehhh.. It was the same for me too..and I had lotsa of questions about it and I gave up on the answers.

I told my friend, ehh maid ko panggil ko Dad, kalo org lain yg dengar mesti hingat tu bini kau...

Anyway, mama is a year older than me...congratulations!!!

Vogue gitu youuuu....siap ader sparkling champagne fountain lagi!!!

Usually on this occasion is where I take advantage, infact among us friends takes advantage to see one another.

It's good to see couple of friends who brought with them their daughters..

Mama and husband

Pedal and dotter

Amy and dotter

Hapiz, Lina and dotter

Ku Dad and his angel Ku lara qistina

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Kak Anim's Wedding

Wedding Date - 5th August 2007
Where - Kuala Lipis, Pahang

It was a rekindling old time for mommy and abah as they've stayed here way before I was conceived. Infact my brother Zul was born in Raub.

The wedding went well. There were all together 9 cars from KL. All gathered at Gombak toll at 9am. As usual my brother was late, but he managed to catch up with us at the Petronas R&R before the Bentong exit.

Road condition was ok except that stretch from Bentong to Raub which was extremely bumpy. Slight traffic at the Bentong and Raub town going and coming back from Kuala Lipis.

On a breeze traffic day I must say it takes less than 2 hours to reach Kuala Lipis from Kuala Lumpur.

Most of the crazy cousins, nieces and nephews were there. Obviously we were the drivers for all the veteran citizens. It was good to meet up with all of them. And mind you all was driving with some posh cars too, lucky my mom's charriot was able to catch up with them. They were kind enough to keep the convoy together, on the way to Kuala Lipis at least.

On the way back, my brother decided to treat all of us with Samuri Satay at Awan Besar R&R, how can we resist that?

We reached home at about 10.30pm and yes the next day was a working day for me.

Ahlan wa Sahlan...Welcome..Selamat Datang...

To my humble flick blog.

A place where I can stamp my flick memories....